There are multiple reasons of joining Immunotec as a independant consultant, but today I’m going to list the top 7.

The products are guaranteed and trustworthy.
The products are proven to optimize the immune system and are the result of fifty years of research. Immunocal is a precursor to Glutathione and is listed in the CPS and PDR, has been the subject of over 80 research studies and has 76 patents. The products are guaranteed, Immunotec refund you 100% without question, if you are not satisfied.
Possibility of exponential income, bonuses and recognitions
Depending on your efforts, your earnings can increase exponentially. There are 7 ways to make money with Immunotec. Please fill out this form and ask me about the 7 ways to make money.

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    Make great saving with the starter pack
    When you join Immunotec as an independent consultant, you’re going to need a starter packs. You can save over 50% on products and your kit is tax deductible, as well as some deductions for expenses from your home as a self-employed person.
    Savings of over 30%
    By becoming independant consultant, you pay for the products at the consultant’s price, which represents an average saving of 30%, with the kits on automatic order you save up to 45%.
    Your transactional website included
    When you become an independent consultant, you get an Immunotec transactional website translated into 3 languages, French, English and Spanish, which allows you to recommend products to your contacts, make online sales and it works very well. I have clients in Mexico that I have never met and have never visited Mexico. In addition, in your website, you have a business center, allowing you to make or change your automatic orders, to see the progress of your sales and the evolution of your team, news from the company, the agenda upcoming events and a library of inspirational resources, allowing you to train at your own pace, so you can achieve your goals.
    Support team and online training
    Your starter kit comes with the help of a support team starting with the person who introduced you to Immunotec. She can help you establish your goals and help you achieve them, she can make the first introductions with you. Additionally, you can invite people to presentation webinars and you can watch the webinar with them. We have Facebook groups and you can follow online training already registered.
    International Development
    Immunotec is currently established in 12 countries, so you can recommend the products to your contacts without territorial limit, in these 12 countries.

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